Wow! What can I say? As soon as I start diving into Girls by Nic Kelman, I could not stop. It’s simply raw, rugged and bold. When men become successful and “money ain’t a thang,” what can stop them from fucking young and beautiful girls? Yes! It’s disturbing to read into the minds of these men but that is how most men think. What can be better than fucking your friend’s eighteen years old daughter? How can you not enjoy going on a date with a former Playboy girl although she costs you fifteen thousand dollars? Than again “money ain’t a thang.” What can be more pleasurable than sharing your girlfriend with one of your male friend? Well, maybe not. Some men like it, some men don’t. I hate it.

Kelman’s descriptive writing is what I like best about the novel. The way he describes a young girl, “Her whole body still strives outwards, her lips, her breasts, her thighs, her whole body has not yet decided to stop, to petrify, to crumble. You have never seen anything like so ripe in all your life. This is the word that comes to mind, ‘ripe’.” Better yet, the way he describes sex scenes are way better than watching porno. His words are simple, clear, and straight to fuck.

The least I like about Girls is the passages from Iliad and Odyssey being quoted throughout the book. They serve nothing but getting in the way of the stories. However, I do enjoy reading the histories of words such as: cunt, pussy, cock, etc.

Nic Kelman’s Girls is simply a beautiful work of art. It definitely provides readers an aesthetic experience but you have to read this novel with an open mind. Don’t think this book gears toward men but the contents are very strong and women might find it offensive. This is the first novel I ever finished reading in two days.