Designing a Digital Portfolio

Wow! An impressive three hundreds plus pages book on Designing a Digital Portfolio. Cynthia Baron delves into great details from planning to presenting a successful digital portfolio. The book features tons of online examples with clear explanations to point out their effectiveness. On top of that, there are numerous quotes from professional designers and creative directors through out the book sharing their experiences on what works, what doesn’t, and what are expected from a digital portfolio.

The book starts off with helping you define what kind of designer you are and what are you interested in doing. So that you won’t create a portfolio that give a wrong impression and ends up with a job you would not like. Cynthia Baron goes on walks you through every step such as: doing research, collect your best work, write efficiently, tips and tricks and so on to help you present a digital portfolio that is right for you.

I highly recommend Designing a Digital Portfolio for students who are pursuing their career as an interactive, graphic, or web design. Now a day, online digital portfolio is a must if you want to get the first impression. I also recommend this book for the DArt program at La Salle. I remember putting together a senior portfolio showcasing works from DArt major students. It was really bad. We had no idea what we were doing and threw in all kinds of junks. Yes! It was the good old days.