The Accidental Webmaster

A couple months ago, a friend asked me for advice on how to learn web design. She was applying for a job and one of the requirements was to create and maintain the organization’s website. Working on the web for many years, I did not know where to tell her to begin. Should I recommend learning HTML or Dreamweaver? Web design is much more complicated than that. It involves more than just learning the technical skills. What about usability, accessibility, user interface and other challenges? I did not want to freak her out but I did not know what to tell her. Now that I just read The Accidental Webmaster by Julie M. Still, I immediately thought of her. This book is perfect for someone like her who is new to the web game and just want to learn enough to get by as an “Accidental Webmaster.”

If somehow creating and maintaining your company’s website accidentally fall into your lap, this book will save you from loosing sleep at night. Still shares her experience on how she became an “Accidental Webmaster” and offers many useful advices. Even though Still does not show how to code HTML or learn Dreamweaver, she will guide you through the rules of the game to get you started from the basic concepts of setting up policies to design issues to hosting your site. She does a great job at explaining each concept clearly and concisely. She also breaks down each type of site to help you identify the type of work you will deal with.

The Accidental Webmaster is very focused. Julie M. Still knows exactly who her target audience is. If you are a web professional, this is not your cup of tea but for those who are “the Accident Webmaster,” this book is for you and you know who you are. I also recommend this book to graphic designers who would like to learn web design. It’s time to get off Photoshop and learn some basic concepts of website design.