Asia 41 – Mua He Ruc Ro

“Chung ta nhut dinh la khong phai nhung nguoi ti nan an bam.” Said Duong Ngoc Anh, Director of the US Weapon Department. Her statement simply means, “As refugees, we are not living in the US just to eat off the government.”Asia 41’s Mua He Ruc Ro showcases successful Vietnamese Americans who have great contributions to the US. Mad props go out to: Duong Ngoc Anh (creator of many powerful bombs), Mina Nguyen (serving in the Senior Executive Service for the Bush Administration), Tran Dinh Truong, the first Vietnamese American millionaire who donated 2 million dollars for the tragedy of 9.11. and many others. If you would like to learn more about these fine individuals, check out Mikki’s entry.

Unlike other beauty pageant competitions, Asia takes a different route by showing off sixteen young and beautiful Miss Vietnamese in the US and around the world. On top of that, the performances aren’t that bad either. Trish and Cardin gave a wonderful duet. I am not a fan of either two but they pulled this one of nicely with slick dance and fine lyrics. My most favorite performance is from Da Nhat Yen in “Lang Thang Duoi Mua.” She surely knows how to shake that thang. Man, she is freaking fabulous. Glad to see Kenny Thai came back. Hope he will continue with Asia in the forth-coming videos.

With Mua He Ruc Ro, Asia has raised the bar for its competitors. The video is meaningful and well thought out. This is the type of product I expect from other productions. It?s creative, inspired, and simply entertaining. I don?t mind spend couple hours enjoy something I am proud of, my Vietnamese community. Please keep up the good work, Asia.