Happy Holidays

The time is here folks. I am heading off work soon and won’t be back until next year. Before I go, just want to say, “Happy Holidays.” Spend your time with the one you love, not the one you hump (heard it from one of the rapper, can’t think of his name right now). Get some rest, sleep, and mad phat. Enjoy the spirit. Eat more, drink less. Laugh more, cry less. Give more, get less. Sex more, pimp less.

To my family around the world, you know I love you so better send some god damn presents. You aready know about the Asian style, cash is always the best gift. Benjamin always looks sexy as a gift. More cash more love! Don’t need to think about what I like. Sike! I am just playing. You know, Donny loves ya so do me a big favor. Don’t spend your Christmas time in the factory. I know you’ll get triple times paid but come on, take a damn break and enjoy pho, hieu tieu, bo nhung dam, vit nau chao, or whatever goodies you make. I know you ain’t making no American food.

To my crew at Vassar, no more gossiping about web design. Who cares if Dreamweaver is screwing with Mac Server? So what if CSS is being a bitch to Netscape 4.7. Since CSS is so damn fly, screw Netscape. Ok, let me stop. Enjoy your time off guys and no more thinking about the web. Let the son of bitch go.

And to all my reader, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.” Don’t mind what I just wrote. It’s simply silly and my mind is not functioning too well right now. This is what happens when you don’t sleep. Peace out!