Morning Coffee

Wow! The authors actually read my review and quoted my words. Check out Carrie Bickner’s Web Design on a Shoestring and Jesse James Garrett’s The Elements of User Experience.

Remember that funky juggling animation? It ended up on the Barefoot Monkey site.

Here are some beautiful CSS sites for your viewing pleasure: Alazanto (nice use of types with beautiful colors), Design Dojo (clean and organized. Gotta love that subtle stylin’), malevole (simply eccentric).

Blasting The Firm album on my earphone. The album features Nas, Foxy, AZ and Naure. It’s an old school joint and the beats are off the hook. The lyric is blazing too. Of course, Nas is well-known for his lyrical skills but AZ is the most overlooked rapper for his skills. This guy can flow forever. Really dig his style. This album is mucho hot baby