Dam Vinh Hung – Giot Nuoc Mat Cho Doi

About time Dam Vinh Hung comes out with a new album. I was so eager to get it and I was praying that he wouldn’t let me down. Well, he did it again with his fifth album Giot Nuoc Mat Cho Doi. This guy is quite an artist. Every time he comes out with album, it’s 95 percent good and this one is no exception. Here are my ratings for the songs:

1. Giot Nuoc Mat Cho Doi 5/5 (This track is truly his style)
2. Neu Co Yeu Toi 2/5 (He is experimenting with Jazz but doesn’t carry out too well)
3. Tinh Yeu Con Dau 4/5 (Nicely done)
4. Noi Dau Ngot Ngao 3/5 (Good but little bit too slow)
5. Co Don Minh Anh 4/5 (Well remixed with fast beat)
6. Khi Tinh Bay Xa 3/5 (An old track. Good but slow)
7. Tieng Gio Xon Xao 5/5 (Love it when he sings this kind of song. Very soothing)
8. Giay Phut Chia Tay 5/5 (This track fits his voice perfectly)
9. Vung Troi Binh Yen 3/5 (Although it is nicely remixed, I prefer the slow version which he sings beautifully with Hong Ngoc)
10. Mua Chieu Ky Niem 5/5 (Lovely melody, fantastic voice)
11. Nu Hon Xa Voi 4/5 (He wrote the Viet lyrics. He pulls it off well with Jazz on this one)
12. Dem Cuoi Cung 3/5 (Nicely done but little bit boring)
13. Ta Mai Ben Nhau 5/5 (It’s definitely his style)
14. I Need to Know 1/5 (He simply kills this song. I couldn’t understand a word he said. Hung, do me a favor, sing Vietnamese.)

How would this one compare to the previous albums? I wouldn’t say this one is better than the older one because each album has its own uniqueness. If you’re a fan of Dam Vinh Hung, this is another album to add to your collection.