The Opposite of Fate: A Book of Musings

“Loud farts don’t stink, and the really smelly ones don’t make a sound.” Amy Tan explains her mother, “When you’re full of beans, you just blow a lot of hot air. If you want to have real impact, be deadly but silent.” The Opposite of Fate is a well-crafted journal of Amy Tan. She writes about her personal life and incidents she had experienced. The way she writes make me feel like she is sitting right in front of me telling her stories. I love the fact that Amy speaks out her mind as an American writer. I find the process of making movie for The Joy Luck Club is an inspiration. The voice of her murdered friend Peter is magical. The way she deals with her mother is genius. Especially, when she deceived her mother that she broke up with her husband Lou and lured her mother realized that Lou is not a bad guy after all. There are many more incidents that will make you laugh, cry, inspire and learn from. It’s truly a masterpiece.

The Opposite of Fate allows readers to get to know Amy Tan. This is who she is and this is how she thinks. She had her wild side as well as her sensitive side. Once I began to read this book, I couldn’t put it down. I spent two days straight doing nothing but read into the mind of a great writer. Of course, I recommend this book undoubtedly.