Que Huong Tinh Yeu va Tuoi Tre 11

Persuaded by Mikki’s review on Tinh 11, I spent three hours watched the entire program and yet impressed by the quality of it. Unlike other productions, Tinh targets mainly the young audiences, which is fantastic. The video kicks off with “Lien Khuc Top Hits” features many young and sexy artists includes My Tuyet, Thanh Truc, Tam Doan, La Suong Suong, Tu Quyen, Diem Liem, Huy Vu, Johny Dung and many more. It’s just a pleasure watching the hot chics doing their thangs.

Minh Tuyet’s performance on “Mai La Nguoi Den Sau” is beautiful. It’s kind of funny to see Manh Quynh pimping out. I actually enjoyed “Lien Khuc Dan Ca” with the new flavor. The beat is hot and Minh Tuyet is off the chain. Damn, she got a nice body and quite talented. In this video, she demonstrated her ability to performance various types of music. Her duet with Huy Vu on “Huong Ruou Tinh Nong” is mesmerizing. I usually don’t like Jimmi JC Nguyen but he is quite good and unique in “Nguoi Noi” music video.

The best performances have to be Phi Nhung, Tuong Nguyen and Khanh Hoang on “Ru Lai Cau Ho.” The storyline is very dramatic and each character does a wonderful job bringing it out. Khanh Hoang is fantastic in his role as a jackass. I just love watching music video with a storyline behind it and Tinh Production tries to do that in each and every video. That requires lots of of hard work but they did a great job overall.

Que Huong Tinh Yeu va Tuoi Tre 11 is a beautiful work of art and it is highly recommended. Tinh production is quite innovative in term of remixing the songs and provide storyline for each video. Of course, the video isn’t perfect. In fact, I haven’t seen a perfect video yet but here are a few suggestions to enhance the viewer’s experience. Make the video shorter by eliminate that MC Nguyen Duong. He just drags on and on and I don’t find his humor funny at all. Just because Thuy Nga, Asia and Van Son come out with 3 tapes, Tinh doesn’t have to go that route. Take out some of the sloppy videos. The skits need to be improved. Quanh Minh, Hong Dao, Nguyen Duong, Thu Tuyet and even Hoai Linh aren’t good anymore. They are just boring.