Weekend at Home

Had a great weekend with my family. Little Eric is so adorable. Here are some photos of him. My sister seems to be doing good. Took ma to Philly where she bought 12 boxes of Liver Purifier for $480. The seller was so happy. They stopped everything they were doing and tried to explain to me how good the medication is. Ma said it helped her. It is a lot of money but if it can make ma healthy, I am supporting the medication all the way.

Sammy is so cute now. I love to spend time with her. She is so much joy. Boy, I missed that cute little girl already. I love the way she translates English to Vietnamese and vice versa. For example, I asked her what is, “Oh! my goodnesses” in Vietnamese. She replied, “Troi oi! Troi.” She is so much fun. I don’t know how many times she said, “I love you, Cau Doanh.” She looked after me at the door with the sadness on her face when I was about to head back to Poughkeepsie. She said, “Cau Doanh, please don’t go. Stay and play with be Tu.” She made feel so loved and I was just speechless.

Bonjour Vietnam