Kernel Panic

After installing the Security Update in Mac OS X yesterday, I’ve been experiencing Kernel panic like crazy. I requested for a G5 but that won’t happen for the next 2 more years so I am hoping Panther will solve the problem. On top of that, some of the new features such as Exposé, Font Book and Fast User Switching are exciting. Beside all the promising features, this is another reason why Panther is so powerful. Can’t wait to grab it.

Some lady just walked by and complimented on the work we do. She commented the James Ransome banner looks great and the the sites in general are wonderful. She said we are doing a fantastic job and see that I am at work quite early. Isn’t it wonderful to be appreciated? Those kind words make me happy.

By the way, check out my today’s banner. Isn’t Sonia Sanchez luminous?

Bonjour Vietnam