Eric Meyer on CSS

I finished reading Eric Meyer on CSS, Mastering the Language of Web Design in several hours and fully understood the concepts presented. The book is concise, informative, and straight to CSS which makes it a valuable resource. Now I know exactly where to find the answer when I run into CSS troubles. On top of that, the companion website provides all the codes for readers to break apart and experiment with them. At the end of each chapter there is a “Branching Out” section which challenged you to go beyond the concept presented in the chapter.

Actually, I read this book when it first came out but didn’t appreciate it because my knowlegde of CSS was limited. Now that I work with CSS on all of my projects, this book has open up many more possibilities and now I am much more comfortable with CSS than before. So if you’re a web designer, you must pick up this book. However, if you are new to CSS, I suggest that you get familiar with the basic before delving into this masterpiece or else you wouldn’t get much out of it.

If you’re reading chapter one and find it confusing or hard to understand, don’t worry just move on. In fact, I would skip the first chapter altogether. Even though, Eric did a great job on covering how to convert an existing page using CSS, why bother? It is taking way too much time and energy. It would be much faster and easier to start from scatch. It would save you time and headaches. That way you know for sure your codes are correct. Anyway, if you’re serious about web design, this is the book you need by your side next to Designing With Web Standard.