Thanh Thao, The Remix Album

I’ve been hooked on Thanh Thao’s non-stop remix jams. Her voice is not that great but she knows how to market herself. She selected songs that suit her style. My favorite ‘Lien Khuc’ is the upbeat track contains songs such as: Ngong Trong, Mat Bo Cau, Trai Tim Dau, and Oi Tinh Yeu. I also love the slow track that includes: Co Quen Duoc Dau, Em Van Cho, and Tam Biet Tinh Yeu. The whole album is hot as hell, though. Saw her at concert in Vietnam two years ago where she first performed ‘Oi Tinh Yeu.’ At that time she wasn’t well-known but I knew right away she would be popular. It didn’t take long for her to blow up.