Dodo Rocks

I have a lot of respect for Dodo’s programming skills. Not only she had written quite a few very useful php scripts, she also created many hacks for b2 weblog. The most useful one is the toggle of ‘read more’ script, which I use on this blog. Lately she had written ‘reply to comments’ and ‘comments links’ which works nicely but I don’t find them too useful. The ‘reply to comments’ is fantastic but you can’t really tell who is the latest commenter. The ‘Comment links’ is quite nice but it shows that the site’s owner just slaps up the links without even actually visiting the sites. It doesn’t show the owner’s effort to personally write down the links. Whenever I post a link on my site, I always make sure that site is worth visiting and not just slap a link on because someone commented on my site. As a commenter, I wouldn’t want my name to be part of that list. Why? I didn’t comment your site to get a link. I commented your site because I like what you wrote and not to get my site promoted. Anyhow, I still wish I had half of Dodo’s programming skills. Keep up the great work, girl.