Invasion Part 2

I love battle lyrics. They show how skillful an MC really is. DJ Green Lantern’s Invasion Part 2 features battle tracks between Em and Ja. Damn! Em got his whole squad (50 Cents, D12) and even Busta on Ja. Em uses Pac’s ‘Hail Mary’ disses Ja and Irv Gotti. “You ain’t no killer, you’re a pussy. That ecstasy got you all emotionally moushy. Bitches wearin’ rags in photos. Ja’s words bein’ quoted in the Source, stealin’ Pac’s shit like he just wrote it.” I also love the part from ‘Bump Heads’ where Em says, “That X, got him thinkin’ he was DMX. Then he switched to ‘Pac now he’s tryin’ to be him next. So which one are you? X, Luther, Pac or Michael.” Ja verse wasn’t bad either. He freestyles, “Em, you claimed your mother’s a crackhead and Kim’s a known slut. So what’s Hailie gonna be when she grows up.” Ja also calls Em a “Feminem.” It’s funny to hear Em comes back with Hailie asks, “Dad, is Ja Rule taller than me?” Em replies, “No honey, you guys are the same size.”

So who wins? No doubt, Em crushed Ja. I really respect his lyrical skills. However, the best MC battle is still Pac. He was the realist. It’s unbelievable how much shit rappers steal from Pac these days. It’s such a shame. If he was still here, none of this shit would happen. He is still my favorite hiphop artist and his legacy lives one.