Wow, I am overwhelmed by all the compliments from Thuy Nga’s forum on my motion graphic piece for Don Ho. To answer all the confusions, I am just a fan of Don Ho. The piece I created was inspired by the little intro from his ‘Hoi Tiec’ album. The text was taken from Ngoc Lan Musique’s album “Nhung Loi Me Hoac.” It was written by Ngoc Lan. I thought the text and the music complimented each other that why I used them. I showed the piece to Don Ho and he was very pleased with it. We even talked about “Nhung Loi Me Hoac” album. He worked with Ngoc Lan on that album without any commissions. He also commented on how sweet and unique Ngoc Lan was. He didn’t like the album a whole lot but I love that album. Ngoc Lan and Don Ho are a perfect combination. They both have good hearts. Don is such a wonderful guy and I support him all the way, even though his latest albums, Phien Da Sau and Tinh Khuc Trinh Cong Son, are rather disappointing. However, his graphic design for both cds are absolutely beautiful. This guy really has the eye for art. I can’t wait to see his own site. It’s a completely different ball game from print to web.