In Memory of Grandma

My homie called me up last night asking me to come to his grandma’s memory event. This is an annual event which family and friends get together to pay respect to grandma. Although, my friend is Cambodian, we have very similar traditions. The monks will be there to pray pray for his grandma’s soul. Of course, there will be tons of food afterward. Cambodian food is hot and banging. Yep, I am coming home.

Poor Tay

She just came back from her Asia travel and caught a flu. Fortunately, not that deadly flu as we have seen on TV; however, the US security gave her a hard time. They kept her in a separate room for a week until they found out for sure she did not catch that deadly stuff.

Fuck This Host

D3studio went down for more than 12 hours. This host company fucking blows. I tried to switch to another hosting company once but they did not transfer my DNS over. It looks like I am going to have to kiss goodbye and come up with a new name. This shit is fucked up.

A Letter From Ngoc Lan’s Fan

This kind of letter really makes my day and how can I say no to this proposal. Trong, I hope you don’t mind me posting your letter.

Hi anh Donny,

Xin mao muoi viet email nay den cho anh. Toi thay anh co mot trang trong website cua hang anh, danh cho co ca si tai cao bac menh, Ngoc Lan. Toi la mot trong mot so cac ban ai mo co ca si nay rat nhieu. Chung toi thay hien nay khong co mot cai website nao dedicated cho co ay ca, va evidently you are a fan of hers (I’m switching to English here because it suddenly dawned on me that you wouldn’t understand Vietnamese, sorry if I’m mistaken!). Would you be generous with your time and create a website for Miss Ngoc Lan? Of course I would pay for the domain name and I would pay what I could afford, but I’m really asking, no begging, you to help us out. Your site shows your truly amazing expertise and talent (not to mention very good taste!).

Would you be able to help us out with this website for nguoi dep Ngoc Lan? If there’s a charge, please let me know what the charge is and I’ll try to manage within my limited capabilities. But regardless of the answer, would you please reply to my email? I truly appreciate your considering my request. I do not seek anything other than a place for her thousands of fans to come to. She’s been gone over two years now, the wound is still so fresh, the loss so real…

Thank you for your time,