Reminiscing The Good Old Days

Can’t believe I have been blogging almost everyday for the past three months. The whole purpose is to improve my writing and I am enjoying it very much. I know my English is really bad but hey, I am working on it. Actually, I was a good writer when I was a kid studying in Vietnam. Ironically, I hated writing when I was in fourth grade. I always bribed the girl next door with ice cream to write my papers. She was not a good writer because I always got C grades on the papers she wrote. My dad caught me one time and beat the hell out of me. After that she was not allowed to come over to my house anymore. I was forced to write on my own and it came to my surprise that I got a B on the first essay I wrote. The teacher actually liked my writing. I began to discovered my talent after that.

In fifth grade, I was selected to represent my class in a writing competition between all the fifth grade classes at my school. Although, my essay was good but I came in second place because the judges said my writing was too violent. The topic was “describe something you did that you regretted.” So I described how I disobeyed one of my teacher and he slapped the taste out of my mouth. I might be exaggerated a little bit but teachers did hit students. Thank God they don’t do it anymore. If I did not remembered a poem or failed an exam, the teacher would slap my hands with his/her wooden ruler. My hands were swollen everyday. After getting hit so much, I didn’t feel pain anymore. Of course, the judges were the teachers so they didn’t admit that they were wrong that was the reason that they gave me second place.

After fifth grade, I left Viet Nam to start a brand new life. I had to learned everything over again. Of course, as a hard headed as I am, I didn’t want to learn. Time drifted away, I lost my Vietnamese and my English didn’t seem go anywhere. My whole life is such a waste so far.