The Joy Luck Club

Why the hell did I wait so long to watch this uplifting movie? The Joy Luck Club is remarkable. They did a great job of packing all the major stories in two hours. I used to be addicted to Chinese long ass movies. For instance, each of the mother’s story in Joy Luck Club would take about 20 to 30 hours to tell. The Chinese long movies delved into much deep details than what you would see in The Joy Luck Club. They want you to feel as if you are living in it. Ater spending many hours in the fantasy world, I was always hated so much that I had to come back to reality at the end of the movies.

Pretty Boy

Check out this cute Flash music video. The vector graphics are beautiful and the music is nice.


Their mission is to moon the White House and they need $10,000 to do it. I can’t believe people are actually donating money for it. I am not interested in politic issues, but that is so disrepectful to the Constitution. Anyways, talking about mooning reminded me of an incident last weekend that made me laughed so hard. I was accidently cut off this one guy while cruising around Lancaster with my boyz. The guy had three teenage daughters in the back seat of his car. While we were stopping at the red light, the girls gave us loser signs with their fingers. We wanted to get them back so we told Chino to moon them. As soon as the greenlight turned, I pulled up closed to them than Chino pulled down his pants. They were screaming their lungs out. Those girls are probably still having nightmares about it. They were exposed to a fat ass moon because Chino weights around 300 pounds. That was some funny shit.