Long Me (Mother’s Love)

Listening to Long Me performed by Dalena. I have a lot of respect for Dalena because she is an American, who can not speak Vietnamese really well but sings Vietnamese songs perfectly. Long Me is an old song that praises Vietnamese mothers. The song requires lots of souls and feelings to express the lyrics. Not only Dalena did an extraordinary job on the song, she also wrote some of the lyrics in English as well. Although her English translation is not as rich as the Vietnamese, she has captured the general meaning of it.

Long Me bao la nhu bien Thai Binh giat giao.
Tinh me tha thiet nhu giong suoi chai ngot ngao.
Loi Me em ai nhu dong lua chieu ri rao.
Tieng ru ben them trang ta soi bong Me yeu.

Mother’s love is deeper than the sea so wide.
Her soul as sweet as peaceful stream inside.
Her words on songs are gentle breezes raise.
Rockin’ by her baby in the moonlit night.

Thuong con thao thuc bao dem truong,
Con da yen giac Me hien vui suong biet bao.
Thuong con khuya som bao thang ngay.
Lan loi gieo neo nuoi con toi ngay lon khon.

Your cries she hears in the night.
With songs of love she sings you soft truthly.
With love from the morning until night.
Although your life, she holds you in her heart.

Kick Ass Video

Fat Boy Slim’s Weapon of Choice video rocks. Christopher Walken is awesome. Love his moves on the video, especially the part where he flys around the building.

Chemical Brothers

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