Will, my co-worker, recruited me to his Capoeira class. He is very good at it. The technique is really different. It’s like dance karate but it really works your body. Damn, I was hurting like a bitch. I am such a weak ass motherfucker. All I do these days is eat, sleep, and glue to this fucking computer. This piece of shit is eating me alive but I can’t do a fucking thing about it. I have been thinking of changing a career but can’t do a damn motherfucking thing but web design. I am just fucking screwed.

Paid in Full

According to VNExpress, My Tam makes 20 millions VND (approx. $1300 USD) per night for her performance while the monthly income for an average Vietnamese worker is 1 million (approx. $70 USD). Damn, that chic got everything: young, gifted and loaded. The next time I see her walking around Sai Gon, I’m gonna rob her. Yeah! You heard me, My Tam. Better duck and hide when I come back to Viet Nam. I am just playing girl. Still love your voice very much. You deserve all that money for your hard work. Don’t mind me, I am just a hater.

Illist Illustrations

Although Celia Calle web site design is not too impressive, her artworks are simply amazing. The illustrations are aesthetically powerful and the works of art speak for themselves.