Thanks Keish!

So I spent the whole day reformatted my Mac. It has been working nicely so far. Thanks Keisha so much for helping me out. You’re so smart and patient. I am pretty new to the Mac world so I am just learning as I go along.

Movies I Want to Watch

Nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the Academy Award, Gail Dolgin and Vicente Franco’s Daughter From Danang seems like a good film to enjoy. Justin Lin’s Better Luck Tomorrow looks interesting as well.

Film vs. Computer Science

One of the greatest benefit of working for Vassar is free schooling so I might as well take an advantage of it. Vassar do not offered graduate schools so I am looking into getting another major. I am currently debating between film and computer science. It seems like they have a great program on film and I love movies but realistically what am I going to do with it? Therefore, I am leaning more towards computer science and I think it will benefit me greatly with what I am doing now. It’s about time I am dragging my lazy ass back to school. Well, not yet but at least I am thinking about it.

Congratulations! Miss Massachusetts

Enjoyed Miss USA 2003. It was a must needed break from cnn for a little bit. I thought Miss Texas was flawless from head to toe and her answer was great. She spoke out what she believes. Furthermore, nothing can top a pretty woman with a love for sushi. It’s just a perfect combination.

Bonjour Vietnam