Mot Chut Qua Cho Que Huong (Some Presents for the Motherland)

This song affected me deeply, especially at this movement when the war is about to break out. Ngoc Lan did an amazing performance on the song. I tried to translate the lyrics to my best knowledge and understanding of it.

I send my older brother some cigarettes,
so he can burn his life on his fingers.
Send my mother some needles,
so she can stitch for me my miserable heart and liver.
Send my older sister some cloths,
so she can make a wedding dress or a funeral outfit.
Send my younger brother some candies,
so he can have some sweet because life is bitter.
Send my dad a white shirt,
so he can wear it in the battlefield to dry his corpse.
Send Viet Nam our last tears,
Hoping for peace one day in our motherland.

See Men Shredded, Then Say You Don’t Back War

Gluesome, sick, and disturbing crimes against humanity. The world is coming to an end.

Bloody Brilliant

The Quiet American (Nguoi My Tram Lang) is a bloody brilliant work of art that deals with relationship and politic. The bombing scenes are terrified. Innocent lives are wasted. This is the first time I see Michael Caine performance and he surely inspired me. Brendan Frase and Do Thi Hai Yen (marvellously sexy) performances are incredible as well. Glad the film treats Vietnamese beauty seriously and doesn’t take Vietnamese women as a joke. The soundtrack is very dramatic. I love that intense Vietnamese song in the beginning. This film definitely deserves some recognitions from the Academy Awards.