Hey Donny,

“Your site looks amazing – really nice work and your eye for design has come such a long way since our first DArt classes!” -Professor DeTurk.

This email from my former art professor at La Salle just makes my day. Professor DeTurk is really critical when it comes to art and design. I remembered showing her my first site design. I was so excited because I worked all night on that baby. She looked at it trashed it right away. I had a black background layout, several different font styles and colors, amateur photoshopped images, and looping animated gifs all over the place. I thought it was the coolest thing I’ve ever done. I was clueless about the sense of design and she was just bluntly pointed it out. The truth hurt but it taught me to become a better designer. I have alot of respect for her when it comes to design criticism and her compliments showed that I had been improved over the years.

Nguoi My Tram Lang (The Quiet American)

Oh my gosh! This is great. Vassar college is having a screening of The Quiet American tonight at 5:30. I’ve been waiting forever for this movie to hit the theatre and it is here at Vassar. I am so excited.

Vietnam Exhibition

The Vietnam, Journeys of Body, Mind, and Spirit exhibits at the American Museum of Natural History.

48 Hours to Live

As Bush stated last night, Sad-damn Hussein got 48 hours to live. Just think! Where would you go? What would you do? Who would you screw? And who would you wanna notify? Or would yo’ ass deny that yo’ ass about to die?

“48 left until my death. So I’m gon’ waste alot of lives, but I’ll cherish every breath. I know exactly where I’m goin’, but I’mma send you there first. And with the shit that I’ll be doin’, I’mma send you there worse. I’ve been livin’ with a curse, and now it’s all about to end. But before I go, say hello to my little friend. But I gots to make it right, reconcile with my mother. Try to explain to my son, tell my girl I love her. C-4 up under the coat, snatch up my dog. Turn like three buildings on Wall Street, into a fog. Out with a bang, you will remember my name. I wanted to live forever, but this wasn’t fame.” -DMH (Dark Man Hussein)


Two of the web related book publishers: Glasshaus and Friends of Ed.

Nice Site

Inform has a clean layout, straight forward interface, and a nice blend of Flash and html. The interactive demo is a little bit slow, though. Or maybe I am just fed up with Flash and fullscreen window.

Bulldozer Incident

Rachel Corrie, an American college student was killed by Israeli bulldozer. It was such a horrible tragedy; however, she was kneeling in front of the bulldozer while other demonstrators were several yards away, according to the Washington Post. What was she thinking?