Da Weekend

Now back in Poughkeepsie. Had a quality time with the family. Came home Friday night, my mom made goi cuon (spring roll), pho (Vietnamese noodle), and sinh to sau rieng (durian smoothie). Damn I was stuffed to death. Saturday, took my mom and my aunt to Philly for grocery shopping. We stopped at Joy Tsin Lau for tim sum (tea lunch). Never have enough of shrimp dumplings. At the asian supermarket, I bumped into my uncle. Man, he was bling blingin’ with gold chain, diamond ring, and a Rolex. On top of that, he’s pushing a brand new 2003 Lex LX. Damn it! He should have lent me some of his dough so I can pay off my student loans.

We bought heo quay (Chinese roast pork) for dinner. My head started to spin after munching away the pork skins. Too much fatty gets me dizzy as hell but I couldn’t help myself. After dinner, I spent some time with my cutie Sammie. We watched Mulan together. It was probably the fifth time I watched that animated film. The storyline is so sweet. The music is fantastic. Of course, the illustrations and animations are amazing.

On Sunday afternoon, hang out with the fellaz. It was unbelievable. We picked up some tacos and chalupas at Taco Bell for lunch. After finished eating them at my boy’s crib, everyone was fighting for the bathroom. Damn, I’ll never eat at Taco Bell again. The foods were bangin’ but they just come right back out. That’s pretty much sumed up my weekend.