No More Pain

Y’all know what I’m jammin’ to right? Hell yeah, 2pac again and again! “I came to bring the pain, hardcore to the brain. Let’s go inside my astral plane.” No More Pain is one of the most hardcore hip hop track ever. Both the beat and lyric are hardcore as hell. It cracks me up when he said, “It’s Westside, Death Row, Thug niggaz on the rise. Busters shot me five times, real niggaz don’t die.” Well, I guess you ain’t real no more huh? Hahaha, just playing Pac, you know I love your joints.

Another track that brings back da good old day is Me and My Girlfriend (no not the Gay-Z shit). I remembered pumpin’ this track in my car then my boy and I were arguing about what Pac meant when he said, “I love finger fuckin’ you.” Isn’t it obvious to you what he meant? Exactly, that’s what I thought too but my homie argued that Pac was referring to the finger that pulls the trigger. Pac was not talking to his girlfriend but referring directly to his enemies. What he really meant was, “I love to pull the trigger to fuck your ass up.” Isn’t that an interesting argument? It does make sense now that I think about it. Too bad Pac is gone and there’s no way we can find out what the hell he said. What do you think? Drop me a line to let me know your opinion on it. Alright, I am outta here for good. Peace!

Home Sweet Home

It’s a lovely Friday. Spring is here, hopefully. Definitely going back Lancaster to see my family for the weekend. Haven’t seen them for months and I really missed homemade food. Mom called me up last night to see if I am coming home today so she can make Pho (Vietnamese Noodle). Isn’t she sweet or what? She knows I haven’t have that for the longest. Gosh, I love this woman to death and no one else could take her place in my heart. She also wants me to take her to Philly (an hour and a half from Lancaster) for Vietnamese groceries so she can cook stuff for me to bring back to Poughkeepsie. I guess, she doesn’t want me to eat too much rice and hot dogs. Anyways, I’ll be out so have a good weekend y’all.

Macromedia Beta 2

The new Macromedia homepage is similar to the previous version (not beta 1). It might has a different look but the combination of Flash and html layout is pretty much the same. Although the Tray Navigation was useful, it slowed down the homepage so it was smart that they took it out. However, the Product and Solution Pickers were great and I didn’t think they caused the homepage to choked. What a waste! I am glad they still keep the Rich Internet Applications.