Daily Doses

Every time I drop by DroLLery, there is always new interesting stuff to read.


With slick and sexy design, 4efx is absolutely gorgeous. With clean and simple layout, 4vs5 allows the works speak for themselves.

Unique Style

Oh man, it’s snowing again. Don’t feel like doing anything but listen to sad songs. Currently listening to “Ke Di Tim Mong.” This song was quite popular but I didn’t like it until Dam Vinh Hung performed it with his unique style. It’s quite hard to accomplished something like that because the song already established itself and if an artist is not doing it correctly, it could ruined his/her career. I have seen so many artists went down the gutter for destroying popular songs. Unlike other artists, Dam Vinh Hung unique style enhanced the songs. For instance, “Tan Tro” had a soft tune but he gave it an energy and made it so lively. Near the end of the song where the beats picked up then he screamed out with passion, “Cuoc tinh thu nhat anh da trot trao ve em. Tinh yeu dau tien tinh yeu do dam da va nhieu xot xa…” Loosely translate, “This is my first love and I gave it all to you. The first true love that is deeply strong and filled with sorrow.” He really took this song to a whole new level that no other artist has ever come close. I liked “Tan Tro” before but loved it after he put a creative twist on it. You must experience it for yourself to understand what I am talking about.

William Gibson

Jack in William Gibson cyberspace, author of the infamous Neuronmancer. His recently novel Pattern Recognition is also enjoyable.


It feels so empty at work. Carolyn, my boss, flew to Paris this morning. Lucky her. Keisha and Megg also took a week vacation. Of course the students won’t come back until the 23rd. Oh well, at least I still have d3studio by my side.