Asian Abuse

While surfing around, I was drawn into Asian Abuse. Growing up as asian kids, we all have been abused by our parents one way or the other. Some experienced it physically, mentally or even both. Don’t give me wrong, I love my mother to death but growing up with her was not easy at all. She would not let anyone put his/her hands on me even my own father; however, she put a lot of pressure on me mentally. My father was not around so she raised my sister and I on her own. She put lots of hope on my shoulder. She wanted me to accomplished what she didn’t get a chance to do. She would sacrifice anything in order for me to get an education. She made me feel guilty if I didn’t do good in school. I felt extremely depressed when she compared me with my cousins. She would always said, “Look at your cousins, one makes 60 thousands a year, one makes 80 thousands a year and you can’t even get a good grade.” Mom, did you know that I was hurt inside when you said, “Look at so and so, they listen to their parents. I am so unfortunate to have a son that not only don’t listen but also talk back to me.” I just wanted to expressed how I feel mom. There was no such thing as communication. Parents talk, kids listen, and that’s it. Until this day, she still treats me as a 12 years old kid but she finally understands and accepts me the way that I am and not someone like my cousins or the good kids who always listened to their parents. Our relationship is much better now then the way it used to be. I know that you will always love me and want what is best for me so you didn’t do all that stuff intentionally to hurt me. So I don’t blame you mom and I will always love you.