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Flash Web Experience

I must admit, Macromedia had used Flash to its full potential on its site. They had taken the web experience to a whole new level with Flash. After surfing around the site, I am thrilled with the user experience. For instance, the front page remembered where I was before when I returned to it. When I went to Flash exchange to download a component. Found the component I wanted and clicked to download. It took me to a sign in screen. I went on to create a new account because I wanted to see how it works. After filling out the form, it automatically downloaded the component for me. It did all that work without having to leave the page. That’s incredible.

Flash Usable Interface

Love the interface design on Joshua Davis/Praystation. It’s straight forward, intuitive, and highly usable.

Flash Mad Wicked Motion

The animations and soundtracks from Insert Silence are raw rough and rugged. There are no words to describe it. You just have to experience it for yourself. Enjoy!