Mai Yeu Em – Ly Hai

This song reminded me of Tran so much. She always sang it to me when we were on the Viet Nam tour. We had a great time together and I will never forget those magical moments we shared.

“Tinh la nhu the, khong yeu khong dau, nhoi buot trai tim goi la tinh yeu, nguoi lam ta dau mai mai ta khong trach nguoi. How I love you. My darling, How I need you… Gio ngoi co don giua troi. Tim hinh bong em yeu da qua. Long nhoi moi khi tieng the nhan che cuoi. I will love you, till I die. Toi con yeu em, yeu ngat ngay.”

Unique Digital Illustrations

Mild violence, brief nudity but sexy as hell Digital Illustrations by Richard Brown.

A Night Alone

Had a great time yesterday being alone. It was snowing so I just felt like kicking back and enjoying the rest of the evening. After work, I dropped by the library to check out some classic movies. On the way home, I stopped the liquor store and picked out a Remy Red bottle. After eating two bags of hot as hell Thai noodles, I kicked back relaxed and watched A Clockwork Orange while enjoyed Remy Red with Kho Bo (Vietnamese Style Beef Jerky). This is the real Kho Bo I brought back from the Viet Nam trip. It’s really hot and spicy but the drink cools it down nicely. My gosh, A Clockwork Orange is a most bizarre, violence, disturbed, and fucked up movie I have ever seen. This is simply one of the best Stanley Kubrick’s movie. It’s a must see film.