The Guy Behind D3studio

Many has been wondering, how come there is no photo of Donny Digital on this site? Well, I would like to remain anonymous. Besides, I don’t want to risk loosing my visitors after seeing my photo. As a guess to this site, you are very important to me and I do anything I can to fulfilled your request; therefore, you will get a sneak peak of me. Here it is, please don’t freak out, alright.

Back to the Basic

Based in Philly, LucidCircus was known for its cutting-edge Flash design; however, they decided to take a clean and simple route for their latest redesign. The outcome is quite impressive. Like Albert Einstein said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Upcoming Project

Latin American Studies Program is my new project. The current design was my first quick assignment when I first started working at Vassar.


Our campus tour is cancelled again due to the snow. All this time working at Vassar, I have never took an official tour of the campus. Every time we set up a date, it snowed. What a coincident!


While the motion design from Tetsoo production blew my mind, Sullen Girl got me hooked on her monologues, stories and poetries. I am also addicted to oatmeal with cranberries in the morning.