Nice Site

My Linh web site is quite attractive. Little bit busy but nice use of colors. She’s actually really cute. I am not a big fan of My Linh however I really enjoyed “Phut Giay Lo Lam” she performed with Lam Truong.

Pac Joints

Bumpin’ 2pac joints all day today: All Eyez on Me, Makaveli, Are You Still Down, and 2pac Greatest Hits. When I had a bad day and needed to escape from all the madness, I just turn to 2pac. He was the realist and I could feel it through his troubled lyrics.

In his classic, Trapped, he expressed, “What do I do? Live my life in a prison cell. I’d rather die than be trapped in a living hell. They got me trapped.”

In Troublesome 96, he shouted, “Young, strapped, and I don’t give a fuck. I’m HOPELESS. I live the Thug Life, losin’ my focus BABY. I’m troublesome.” Damn, wish I could just don’t give a flying fuck anymore when I’m hopeless.

Changing Position

The search box is now buried all the way under the left side menu. Isn’t the search box is an important of the a site and shouldn’t it be prominent? Yes, a search box is absolutely important for usability; however, this site is fairly small and the navigation is straightforward. I don’t think users would have a hard time finding their way around the site. In fact, I encourage visitors to spend some time check out my work and read some of my thoughts. I don’t want you to come to my house, get some hot sauce then bounce out. Once you at my crib, I want you to spend a little time with me, listen to 2pac, play some Street Fighter, watch Jet Li in action or do whatever. Anyhow, the search box is definitely a nice enhancement to the site. It’s a great product from Atomz. It’s very easy to set up and extremely flexible with the design. Highly recommended!


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