My Mentor

Haven’t heard from my aunt from Virginia for a while. She called me last night complimented on I was flattered that she was inspired by my work and wanted to create a site for herself. She asked me to help her get started. I was so excited that one of my family member read my site. To be honest, I did not expect any readers to this site. The purpose of this blog was to put down my thoughts, inspiration, frustration, and most important of all, to improve my English skills. Being out of school over a year, I haven’t written any papers or essays, and my English is just getting worse and worse. It’s not like my English was good to begin with. There are tons of grammatical errors all over the site although I try to clean up as much as possible. I remembered back in the days when I first started designed my first site. I had a mentor from Upward Bound Program that would read my stuff and emailed back with grammatical corrections. Sort of of like going to a writing center to have an English professor proofreads your paper but it was better because the corrections came right on my computer and I didn’t have to go anywhere. Thanks Mrs. Tien! I never had a chance to take you out to eat. You were a great mentor. Please email me if you stop by my site. I really missed you and would like to keep in touch with you.

Bonjour Vietnam