Off da Hook

The illustration is hot. The colors are cool. The layout is clean. Tunapuff is off da hook.

Great Movies

Chinatown is classically brilliant. I love Jack Nicholson performance. Similar to One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (highly recommended), he knows how to go overboard. He convinced me to want to find out the truth. Who murdered Mr. Mulwray? He was in almost every scene of the movie; therefore, I only get to see his point of view. As a result, I think just like him. What shocked me the most is the woman role in this movie. Evelyn Mulwray is a beautiful and elegant woman who was raped by her own father then got shot through her eye at the end. Unlike most of other movies, the good girl died and the bad guy stayed free and wealthy. After she got shot, I was like, “Fuck no, that’s not the end.” I hated when director plays with your mind like that and Roman Polanski was good at it.

One of Hitchcock’s masterpiece, Psycho is straight up psycho. The music score alone is creepy as hell. Of course, everyone knows about the infamous shower scene; however, the clean up and the car sinks were my two favorite scenes. After Norman Bates cleaned up the room and put everything in the car, I was like, “What about the money?” Then he came back to the room, picked up the newspaper and threw it in the trunk. I love little details like that. As Norman Bates was hoping for the car to sink completely, the car stopped at halfway through. The expression from Norman’s face was like, “Oh my god, what am I going to do now?” About a minute later the car sank completely and he was satisfied. Hitchcock is great at teasing his viewers. Hitchcock was also playing with psychological multiple personality disorder which reminded me of Edward Norton extraordinary performance in Primal Fear. I am wondering if Primal Fear stole Hitchcock’s idea. Sort of like Sliver stole the idea of peeping at others people privacy from Rear Window. Ooops, I am going off the topic here. Let me stop.

Made in Vietnam

My Linh latest album, which she has worked hard on for three years, might not be able to release due to the controversial of her album titled “Made in Vietnam.” They claimed her album title might misinterpreted the quality of the Vietnamese music. Big fucking deal. It’s only an album title. Imagine if Eminem made an album in Vietnam, his ass would have been locked up due to controversial lyrics. Better yet, they probably pissed the hell off to hear Heart2Exist expressed themselves in “25 Years, Who I am.”

Now the communist, are in control
The bloody flags are waving in the bitter cold
No freedom of speech, no right to vote
That’s why we left, in our fishing boats
No equality, no human rights
Forced to escape, we loss so many lives
So here we are, in the U.S. of A
To start a new life, it’s a brand new day.

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