My Weekend

Spent my Friday evening and Saturday morning working on the nfsahc site. I was planning to go back to Lancaster to see my family but decided to stay at the last minute after recieved an email from my client. I was waiting for the contents for almost two weeks. I am very excited about this project because my client is very flexible and trusted me completely with the design aspects although we never met before. This project was refered from my past client (lfee). We only communicate through emails. I am pleased to established a trusting relationship with my clients. It makes my job much easier and the outcome is much smoothier. Ok, enough about work. let’s move on to something else.

My car was having a bad day yesterday. She was ticketed from Vassar. What the hell? I work for them and they ticketed my baby for parking violation. They expect me to walk to work or something. I will call off work next time if I can’t find a parking space for my baby. While parked her on the street infront of my apartment, some dumbass motherfucker hit her on the driver side mirror and drove off. Came out today and noticed the mirror was crooked and cracked. According to the Vietnamese superstition, something bad will happened if your mirror is cracked or broken. Since my whole life is a drama, will see what would be worse going to happened to me.

Finally got my lazy ass to the grocery store today after eating hot dogs and rice for the past three days. I am telling ya, ain’t nuttin’ better than burnt hot dogs dipped in Vietnamese spicy sauce with half cooked rice and finish off the meal with some Alize. Because of lacking of sleep for the past couple of days, I was passed the fuck out this afternoon after drinking Alize. It was a good deep four hours nap. After grocery shopping, I stopped by Barnes and Noble to check out some new books. Couldn’t control myself, I ordered a large Caramel Frappacino. Damn it was heaven but I will be up all night with all that caffeine. It’s all good though cuz I got three movies from Vassar library: Chinatown, Psycho and Platoon. Yeah! I am a classic freak.