Farewell Mister Rogers

It feels like my great neighbor just passed away yesterday. I used to watch Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood everyday with Samantha. He was such a loving man and incredibly talented individual. His messages to children were full of caring and loving. At the end of each show, Samantha would give me a big hug and mumbling, “It’s always great to have a neighbor just like you.” It’s so sad that you had left us; however, your wonderful works will be remembered and lived on forever. Rest in peace, Mister Roger.

Collaboration Project

MA Young website is a collaboration project between George and me. The site was initially intended for internal use only but they had decided to open up to the public. It is a great pleasure working with George. He is a graphic designer here at Vassar. His works have always inspired me, especially his type treatments.

Aesthetic Experience

Joy Harjo and her band performances at Vassar were phenomenal. With the integration of her astounding poetry and the musical elements of Native American tribal music, jazz, rock, and reggae, it was an aesthetic experience. I really enjoyed her soothing and breathtaking sax performance. It was inspiring to see the audiences just get up and dance so freely to her music. That was magical.


No, not the movie, I am talking about me. It’s 2:00 am in the morning and I can’t fucking sleep. It’s getting worse and worse each day. My head is pounding all the time now due to lack of sleep. I need some kind of drug that would put me in a coma for at least a week in order to catch up.

Bonjour Vietnam