VnExpress Turns Two

Congratulations to the great team at for doing an excellent job at providing the fast online news in Viet Nam and around the world. Keep up the good work and happy two years anniversary.


Clean and smooth portfolio of Jonathon Yuen. Love the typographic experimental.

Great News

My sister is six weeks pregnant. Oh yeah! Another baby will be in the family. Sammie will have someone to play with. I was kind of worried that Sammie might get lonely if she doesn’t have any brother or sister. But now, I am so excited.

Sitepoint New Site

The new Sitepoint is clean, organized, and most importantly, fulfilled W3C standards. The sliding navigation is nice but it distracts the contents. As I scrolled down while reading the article, the navigation jumped down which caused me to look over and lost my spot where I was reading. However, it’s nice that they give you an option to turn it off.

Too Many Cocks

There is so much going on at db-db. The site is so much fun and I really like the pixels design. My only problem is too many cocks running around. Where are the punannies? Just kidding!

Eye Candy

For your viewing pleasures: Pixod and Hookerdust.