That Bitch is Simple

Unlike her past layouts, which were filled with dazing graphical visual elements, That Bitch is going back to the basic. Like she said, “Sometimes the simple shit is way underrated.”


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Weblog Wannabe

Love the clean and simple design of Weblog Wannabe; however, it doesn’t display correctly on Mac IE 5.2. The right menu dropped.

Dung Hoi Vi Sao (Don’t Ask Why)

My gosh! The piano performance for this song is incredible. Man, I wish I could play the piano. Thanh Thao sang this song beautifully.

“Dung hoi em vi sao vi sao! Hay quen nhau nhu da tung yeu nhau. De minh em lac trong hoang hon vang. Pho khong den tinh nhan chao nhau.”

“Don’t ask me why, oh why! Just forget each other like we loved each other. So I can be alone in a lonely evening. In the city without lights where lovers greet each other.” Does it make any sense? Well, it makes more sense in Vietnamese.

By the way, Thanh Thao new album “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” is fantastic. She is very creative. There are tracks that make you get in the groove and tracks that make you blue.

Bonjour Vietnam