Grammy Award

The 45th Grammy Award is on tonight at 8:00. The Eminem Show is going win the album of the year catagory. I want to see Eminem performs Lose Yourself, Nelly & Kelly perform Dilemma, Dixie Chicks performs Landslide, and Norah Jones performs Don’t Know Why.


God bless Jesica Santillan and her family.

So Degrading

I am a daily reader of Accidentally, I typed in and came to my surprised, I was landed on a Vietnamese dating tour site. Basically, the whole tour is around $3,500 and you get to choose a Vietnamese lady (out of 100) to take on a date and eventually going to married her. Isn’t that degrading towards Vietnamese women? It looks like they are selling them. Thanks to the Vietnamese communist, all the ladies from Vietnam want to get the fuck out of the country in any way they can. They would married any strangers for some money even though they can’t communicate to their foreign husbands. Meet Hanh, a beautiful 16 years old girl who married to a 57 years old Taiwanese motherfucker to be his third wife and eventually became his slave. She had to take care of his farm and house even when she was four months pregnant. If she rebelled, he would beat the crap out of her. After giving birth to her child, she had to leave her own flesh and blood and fled back to Vietnam because she could not continued to be living in hell. What a fucking tragedy!

All Time Favorite Movie

Taxi Driver is a classic. One of Robert De Niro great performance. Saw it once a while ago but I really appreciate the details when watching it again yesterday. It’s bloody brilliant and psychological inspiration. It’s surely a masterpiece from Martin Scorsese.

Bonjour Vietnam