The Weekend Blog

It’s so crappy outside, dark and raining all day. Yesterday, I hanged out with Keisha at her crib after work. She made a blazin’ pepperoni pizza. It tasted so delicious with Alice White wine. After dinner, we watched Insomnia and drank some Alize. Although there was not a whole lot of action but the storyline of the movie was great. Al Pacino performance was outstanding as always. Robin Williams was also very good but I just can’t see him as a serious character. It’s not his acting was bad. It’s just that I had always see him as Mrs. Doubtfire. Same thing with One Hour Photo, his performance was superb but I just can’t put aside his comedic character. Anyways, thanks Keisha for invited me over for a nice evening. We should do it again some time.


I had been getting ads on my desktop every minute came out of nowhere. They were so annoying. I thought they were pop-up ads but even when I closed my browser, they still popped up. Until today upon visiting Dive Into Mark, I was prompted with a warning message that I have NewDotNet and FlashTrack installed on my computer without my permission. Thanks to DoxDesk for pointing them out and giving instructions to uninstall these devil fuckers.

An Important Friend

Cuban President Fidel Castro visited Ha Noi, Vietnam to discuss trade and investment relations. According to spokesman, Nong Duc Manh, Castro’s visit will mark an important history of 43 years relationship between Vietnam and Cuba. In his heart, Fidel Castro is a great communist leader who fights for freedom and independent. Castro is also an important friend of the Vietnamese with his famous quote, “Vi Viet Nam, nhan dan Cuba san sang hien dang ca mau cua minh.” Translate, “Because of Viet Nam, the Cuban is willing to shed their own blood.” Obviously, both country admired each other because both shared a history of war with the United States. However, Americans are always my most important friends. During my 12 years living in the US, I find the Americans to be the friendliest people. I have always been treated with repect. Thanks American.