Beautiful Day

It’s a shining beautiful Friday. No more snow storms. It makes me want to get up out of here and go to Vung Troi Binh Yen (a peaceful place). Actually, Vung Troi Binh Yen is a title of a song, currently enjoying, performed by Dam Vinh Hung and Hong Ngoc.

“Buoc chan vui hanh phuc. Nam tay ta ve vung troi binh yen.” -Huu Tam
“Stepping together in happiness. Hand in hand, we’ll escape to a peaceful place.”

OS X 10.2.4

Updated to 10.2.4 last Wednesday and every time I boot up my Mac, it sets the time back to Wednesday, December 31, 1969. Does anyone else have that problem? Well, I am currently using network time right now until Apple fixes the bug.

Bonjour Vietnam