All College Day

Had a great time at the All College Day event. The Talent Show kicked ass and the Interactive Theatre was very creative. Many thanks to the Campus Life Resource Group for making this day happened.

Chuyen Mot Dem (Story of a Night)

This song is so emotional. I could pictured the pain, misery and hopelessness.

“Ai, ai giet con toi, ai cuop con toi giua con mong dem thai binh?”
“Who, who killed my child, who stole my child during a dream for a peaceful night?”

“Chuyen Mot Dem” was written by Anh Bang based on a true story during the war in Viet Nam. In the bloody night of Tet Mau Than 1968, terrified and worried were on the minds of the Vietnamese while hiding in the trenches. Around 11:30 pm, they heard a sorrowful screaming voice of a woman running towards them. Under the flickering light of an oil lamp, they recognized in her arms was a child about a year of age. Her hands, shirt and child were full of blood. She was screaming in tears repeatedly, “Please save my baby.” She placed the child down on the ground hoping for help. Unfortunately, it was too late because the child passed away. The mother didn’t even know when did her child stopped breathing. She kneeled down next to her child’s body and cried out in grief. She kissed and caressed her child for the last time before they would be apart forever.