It’s still snowing hard outside. Vassar closed today. Spending the whole day at home creating the layout for It is taking so much time on a 19″ monitor. I am so used to the dual monitors at work. Plus, my Pen II is so slow compared to the G4 at work.

Upcoming Projects

Designing a web site for the Network for Safe and Healthy Children. Working on a gallery studio for the Art Department at Vassar. More work, less sleep.

Top 10 Inspirational Lyrics

Came up with this list while driving home.

01. Dear Mama – 2pac
02. Tro Ve Cat Bui
03. Greatest Love of All – Whitney Houston
04. Stan – Eminem
05. Mot Chut Qua Cho Que Huong – Viet Dzung
06. Mot Lan Mien Vien Xot Xa
07. Tears – Wu Tang
08. Imagine – John Lennon
09. Who We Be – DMX
10. If I Ruled the World – Nas