Tinh Xot Xa Thoi

Currently jamming to “Tinh Xot Xa Thoi” from My Tam new album “Dau Chi Rieng Em.” Love that Latin beat, makes me want to get my groove on. Her voice is so damn sweet. I think I am falling in love with this chic. “Co be toc nau moi tram cua toi oi!”

Nguoi Ra Di

Also listening to “Nguoi Ra Di,” the Vietnamese version of Soledad from Westlife. The lyrics of each version have their own attractiveness.

“Nguoi ra di, bo lai day chat ngat nhung don dau va con tim nho thuong mong cho. Sao em ra di roi nguoi yeu hoi. Nguoi noi dau dem nay co nho chang. Tinh say dam da trao cho nguoi. Sao nay em quen roi, giac mo xua.” – Nhom MTV

“Soledad, it’s a keeping for the lonely since the day that you were gone. Why did you leave me, Soledad? In my heart you were the only and your memory live on. Why did you leave me, Soledad?” -Westlife

Too Much Music

You probably wondering why I listen to music too much. Well, music plays a big part of my life. I appreciate the aesthetic qualities of music; therefore, my music flavor is very diverse. Doesn’t matter which genre or culture, as long as it pleases my ears, mind and soul. Music also inspires me with my work. Wish I could have speakers in my office and just shut the door and crack up the volume. The headphone is killing my ears.