Bigger and Blacker

I was watching Chris Rock, Bigger and Blacker last night. He cracked me up so bad. All his jokes were hilarious but the two cracked me up the most were: 1) He was talking the needs for men from women. Food, sex and silence. Feed me, fuck me and shut the fuck up. 2) He was explaining the different lies between men and women. Men lies about everything and it became our habits, “Yo baby, I ma go to my boy’s crib…” stupid stuff like that. Women lies, “It’s your baby.” Ouchhhh…. Highly recommended if you’re looking a hard good laugh.

Binh Minh Se Mang Em Di – Dam Vinh Hung

“Xin hay hon anh that long, vi mai da xa nhau that roi. Anh biet, Khi tan bong dem, binh minh roi se mang em that xa.” -Dam Vinh Hung

This song stuck in my head now. The English version is really nice too.

“Hold, hold me for a while. I know, this won’t last forever. So hold, hold me tonight, before the morning takes you away.” -Rednex

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