Got a sneak peak at NML (Netomat Markup Language), a new language for the internet that is being developed by Netomat. Netomat Communication System allows users to create animation, add or import sounds along with digital photos and texts. NML is based on XML tags and runs on Java-based platform; therefore, it requires no proprietary plug-in. Although the idea is very interesting, it is still in its very early stage. The company is currently looking for beta testers, sign up!


It is snowing in Poughkeepsie, New York. The weather is nice and Vassar Campus is gorgeous. What a lovely Friday!

Form Follows Function,/h2.
Basic approach to web design is form follows function. Whether you’re an artist, print designer or programmer transforming to web design, respect the medium. As Peter-Paul Koch stated, “Misunderstanding the function of a Web site isn’t restricted to designers alone. Techies can have the same problem.” Be sure to read his other great articles from Keep it Simple column.