The Pub

The web group went out to the Pub for lunch today. This is the first time our group (Carolyn, Kara, Keisha, Meg and myself) gets to go out together ever since I started working for Vassar. The food and the services were great. Kara, Keisha and I acted a little silly after we had some drinks. It was fun though. I think we should do it more often. Thanks Carolyn (our boss) for treated us.

Latest movies

The latest movies I watched are Gangs of NY, Catch Me If You Can, and 8 Miles. Honestly, I didn’t really like any of them. Especially Gangs of NY, it was horrible. I thought Martin Scorsese and gangster movie are a good combination but not this one. The story line was so predictable and played out. The ending was so disappointed. Decaprio and Diaz were terrible. Daniel Day-Lewis was the only good performer. Next, Catch Me If You Can was not as bad. The paste of the movie was a little bit slow but somewhat funny; however, I loved the opening animation. It was fantastic. The music was great and I loved the way they treated the typography where the lines formed together with the text. Lastly, 8 Miles was alright. Eminem lyrics were the only highlights of the movie. Anyhow, these are just my opinions.