Iliza Shlesinger: Hot Forever

Iliza Shlesinger drops her sixth Netflix special with a message for guys who can’t get a girl. This is her respond to the mass-shooting tragedies, in which the guys who murdered women because they couldn’t get sex: “It is so easy to get a girl. All you gotta do is show up. Just be good at something.” She is talking about a passion, even something dumb like fishing. I wholeheartedly concur with her because there were times in my life I thought I couldn’t get a girl and I would be alone for the rest of my life. Then I found the love of my life because I had a passion for reading, which she thought might rub off on our kids.

In the beginning of her special, I find her acting a bit too much, but her writing eventually wins me over. Shlesinger is a brilliant comic and she uses her microphone to voice women issues, including abortion. Of all of her Netflix specials, this one is definitely her most personal, in which she talks about her husband, kid, and miscarriage. I have nothing but respect.

Hasan Minhaj: The King’s Jester

Minhaj had excellent materials in his latest Netflix Special, but his performance borderlined silliness and clowness. If he toned down his acting, I am sure his jokes would still come through. The expensive “Powerpoint presentation” was well-executed. Even though I found his delivery distracting, his writing was solid. Stream it.

Jo Koy: Live From the Los Angeles Forum

In his forth Netflix special, Jo Koy steps up his game with his energy and charisma. His materials include the CPAP machine, his mama’s pussy, and his road to success as a Filipino-American comic. He faced the challenges as well as systemic racism, but he determined to march forward. He kicked the door open so all Filipino-Americans can come through. I am glad to see him making it and he deserves the recognition. Despite the sexual content, his performance was enjoyable and his delivery felt honest.

Bill Burr: Live at Red Rocks

Bill Burr’s latest Netflix Special clocks in an hour and a half, in which he turned misogyny on its head. He knew how to talk shit about women and lesbians without getting cancelled. Even though he came off erratic, his jokes were carefully calculated. He pushed the button, but he knew his limitation. He took a different angle on issues including women sports and abortion. Burr has mastered this comic game. I enjoyed his performance.

Whitney Cummings: Jokes

Whitney Cummings’s fifth special, which filmed in Newark, New Jersey for Netflix, is filled with sexual materials. Her Jokes were satirical and somewhat hysterical. Her delivery; however, was a bit too much. Her acting, in which she had had quite a bit of energy, was a bit distracted from her writing. She is attractive though. I enjoyed the special, but I wished she took her jokes up a notch.

Cristela Alonzo: Middle Classy

I didn’t realize that I had watched Cristela Alonzo’s previous special in 2017 until I looked up my blog archive. Follow up with Lower Classy, Ms. Alonzo named her latest Netflix Special Middle Classy. As a Mexican-American comic, she has made it to the point where she has health insurance, and no more Vicks for everything. She shared her experience of getting a checkup for the first time in her viginia. Her materials were consistent the whole way through. Recommended streaming.

Ricky Gervais: SuperNature

In his latest Netflix Special, SuperNature, Ricky Gervais pushes some hot buttons. In claiming inclusivity, he mocks obesity, Chinaman, and transgender. The trans community has already spoken up about the transphobic issue. The fat-shaming and racist jokes are equally offensive, but no one has spoken up. Gervais knows damn well he can get away with these three minority groups. The bloke is a damn good comedian, but he understands his limitations. In his next special, I dare him to take on Black Americans and see if he can get away with the N-word joke. If he stays true to his words as a comic, he shouldn’t have a problem with it. Until he could make fun of every group, he is not as inclusive as he has claimed. He only picks and chooses his targets.

Katt Williams: World War III

As the title suggests, Katt Williams discusses the war on disinformation. He breaks down the lies and the truths. He knows the truths are sometimes ugly and painful; therefore, he uses comedy to tell the truths. He was onto something until he spent half of his Netflix Special analyzing the pussy. Apparently, he is very passionate about the pussy and he isn’t shy away from sharing the types he liked. That’s Katt. He is still disgusting and charismatic as fuck.

Christina Pazsitzky: Mom Genes

Christina P. is married to Tom Segura whose comic is dark. She has a wicked sense of humor herself. In her latest Netflix special, Mom Genes, she joked about her family, which included her father, husband, and sons, without a dull moment. She revealed that her 75-year-old father remarried for the fifth time to a 34-year-old Vietnamese lady who he met online. Their marriage was based on a mutual exchange: she wanted a green card and he wanted free mani-pedi. Being married to a regular guy, she knows how to make him happy. He just needs three things: sandwich, sports, and sex. The first two were easy, but the last one she just felt like giving up. She talked about the last item with a gag, “After spending a day with my three- and six-year-old boys, I am dryer than Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s pussy. She is dead and that is a dusty puss.” She knew how a marriage worked so she just had to do her part. Christina P. is a brilliant comic. She not only uses her words, but also her facial features to let us know that she was only making jokes. That was how she got away with mocking Vietnamese accent and the word “detard.”

Taylor Tomlinson: Look at You

In her latest Netflix Special, Tomlinson shares the loss of her mother when she was eight, the struggle with her mental health, and the challenge of her religious upbringing. Tomlinson definitely has a dark sense of humor because she believes “if you can laugh at the darkest stuff that’s ever happened to you while it’s still actively happening to you, sometimes that’s what help get you through it.” Tomlinson is a fantastic writer. Her materials are thoughtful and her delivery is on the beat. I highly recommend streaming it.

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