Aziz Ansari: Nightclub Comedian

A half-hour special in which Ansari returned to the Comedy Cellar to drop a few jokes about vaccinations, politics, and digital diets. He showed empathy for the anti-vaxxer who received misinformation, talked a bit about Trump and his content, and returned to using a flip phone. Though the special was enjoyable, I wish it was longer.

Nicole Byer: BBW

Byer is indeed a Big Beautiful Weirdo and she is damn proud of it. Nn her latest Netflix Special, she didn’t shy from revealing her sexual appetite, her perspective on Black Lives Matter, and her jokes on white women. She also shared her own drinking, eating, shitting, crying, and singing in an airport’s bathroom. She makes you wish that you have the same shameless confidence that she has.

Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster

Gaffigan’s Comedy Monster is a light-weight material filled with self-mockery such as ugly and fat jokes. I didn’t get to see his acting on stage because I was listening to his special while driving to work. These days, I just downloaded Netflix Comedy Special on my phone to listen during my commute. It helps getting to work faster and more pleasant. This one is not so bad.

Jimmy Carr: His Dark Material

In the opening of his latest Netflix special, Jimmy Carr warned that his jokes may contain terrible things. For example, joking about rape is not the same as doing the rape. His material followed the one-liner format. He roasted his audience members and even encouraged them to hackle him. His responses were quick and on point. From conspiracy on COVID to vaccine, he was harsh but hilarious. I appreciate a comedian who is an excellent writer.

Michael Che: Shame the Devil

In his previous Netflix Special, which was filmed five years ago, Che was all over the place. This time, Che is sharped and focused. His materials are on point. As a Black comedian, he goes to dark places and offers his views as a Black American. On race, he compares the national anthem to an R. Kelly song. On gender, he uses the pronounce “This Nigger” or “That Nigger.” On vaccination, he punched down the unvaccinated. Che is provocative but brilliant. Definitely a must-watch special.

Squid Game

Last night, I just wanted to catch a glimpse of the Korean TV series that everyone is talking about and I couldn’t stop watching until two in the morning. I am hooked on the concept of adults playing the children games. If they win the money goes into the jackpot. If they lose, they get shot in the head. It is pretty wild what human beings would do for money out of desperation. I’ve always enjoyed the over-the-top violence in Korean’s films and this one is no exception.

Dave Chappelle: The Closer

In The Closer, his last special for a minute, Chappelle continued to push his comic as far as he could on the stage. He went hard as fuck on the LGBTQ+ communities. Whether you agree or disagree with his jokes, you have to admit that he is the GOAT, as he rightly claimed to be in this special. Did he cross the line with the Jews? Probably. I’m not mad at him for comparing Asian people to the coronavirus. The punchline fell short. I had to rewind it again to understand the reference. I’ll definitely going to miss him though.

Britney vs Spears

In her latest Netflix documentary, Erin Lee Carr reveals the horrid truth behind Britney Spears’s conservatorship. Britney has been suffered for too long. It’s time to set Britney free from her controlling father. It’s crazy how money can turn a family into foes.

Phil Wang: Philly Philly Wang Wang

I have not heard of Phil Wang until I watched his latest Netflix’s special, “Philly Philly Wang Wang.” Phil is half Chinese, half White. He covered topics including Covid, Asian masculinity, and accent. He has decent materials with one-liners to keep the audience entertained for an hour. I enjoyed his dry sense of humor. I wish he pushed it a bit further.

Skater Girl

An uplifting film about bringing skateboarding to a small village in India. Skating gives kids, especially young girls, an opportunity to do something out of the ordinary, like getting an arranged marriage. As someone who has a passion for skating, I find the film a bit too dramatic, but still inspiring. I am not going to start skateboarding anytime soon, but I appreciate the art of the sport. I am glad the film endorses helmet and guards for skaters.