Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable

After 15 years, Ellen returns to the stage for a Netflix stand-up special. She is calm, confidence, and satirically relatable. From poor to celebrity, Christian Scientist to coming out, drugs to words, she covers everyday life with her own perspective. As a good storyteller and dancer, Ellen makes her special light and entertaining.

Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia

In his latest special for Netflix, Trevor talks about snake, tacos, Trump, and racism. His jokes seem a bit exaggerated. I am not quite feeling him. It’s enjoyable but not outstanding.

Narcos: Mexico

Season four of the drug drama lays out the extreme corruption of the Mexico government. Félix Gallardo (played by the charismatic Diego Luna) built his trafficking empire by funding the entire government. He got rich and comfortable on smuggling weed, but got greedy and expanded into cocaine. And that’s when it all came crashing down. The story is good the cast is fine, but not stellar. Teresa Ruiz is so damn hot though. This season isn’t quite as suspensful as the previous one—I miss Alberto Ammann the most. It looks like more seasons in the Mexico to come though.

Hip-Hop Evolution

I am enjoying Netflix’s documentary of hip-hop. From gangster rap to New York lyricist, the series brought back so much memories. Watching it makes me feel good to be growing in the evolution of rap music. Hip-hop was part of my life. Now I cannot keep up with the new rap. I am official an old-school hip-hop fan.

The Degenerates

The six Netflix’s half-hour specials are crude as fuck. Big Jay Oakerson confessed about seeing his fourteen-year-old daughter’s bush. Brad Williams went all in on being a midget. Yamaneikia Sauders held nothing back on sex. Liza Treyger broke down the different between real sex and porn. Joey Diaz admitted he’s a fucking degenerate. Christina P. channeled her craziness so brilliantly. Solid season for comedy lovers.

Joe Rogan: Strange Times

In his latest Netflix special, Rogan puts his own spin on the #MeToo moment. The things he said about women would be sexist in the real world, but he got a pass in his stand-up. It is a dangerous line to cross and only a good comedian would walk down that path. Rogan is brilliant.


Directed by Rashida Jones and Alan Hicks, Quincy documents the 70-year career of the music legend whose producer credits ranging from Frank Sinatra to Michael Jackson. His accomplishments were astonishing. His marriages were not so much. Still, it’s an intimate, inspiring watch. Check it out on Netflix.

D.L. Hughley: Contrarian

Hughley is hilarious yet he never quite delivered. His latest Netflix special is no exception. He had lots of one liners. Most of them were funny, but none unforgettable. By the middle of the special, the rapid fire started to fade. I can’t even recall a single joke that stood out. Maybe I prefer a deep dive routine over quick shots.

Black Panther

I finally got a chance watch this much-talked-about movie this year on Netflix. The visual is splendid, but the story is disappointing. I enjoyed the experience, but was not satisfied with the characters and narration. It’s a missed opportunity.