UArts to DArts

After my freshman year at La Salle University, I decided to change my major from communications to digital arts. I found out that I didn’t like public speaking; therefore, I wanted my arts to speak for me.

I checked the University of the Arts website and was impressed with its programs and students’ projects. I wanted to apply, but then I decided to stay at La Salle when some faculty members informed me that La Salle would have a brand new program called Digital Arts & Multimedia Design next year.

I just learned that UArts will close on Friday, June 7. The abrupt closure is devastating, especially for the current students. Fortunately La Salle offers personalized transfer plan for all University of the Arts students. The digital arts program at La Salle has come a long way. As one of first graduates in the DArts program 23 years ago, I am doing fine in the field I studied.